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These words have guided Mike Stramaglio through over 40 years as an imaging technology channel leader and right into his latest adventure.

You don’t just wake up one day and earn the title “legend” within your industry. You have to hustle for years, build something that positively changes people’s lives all over the world and even find time to give back to those causes closest to your heart. You know, a positive, generous outlook doesn’t hurt either. 

In this episode, we hear how Navy veteran Mike Stramaglio earned that title throughout his 40+ years in the office imaging technology channel, during which he built MWA Intelligence, launched the FORZA open-architecture ERP system on SAP Business One, saw his career come full circle with Konica Minolta and decided to start a new venture during another economic downturn.      

You’ll also hear: 

  • How he’s come to appreciate the trials of life
  • Why his daughter was a catalyst for putting MWA Intelligence on the fast track
  • His advice for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own company

If you’d like to hear more from Mike, reach out to him at mike@stramaglioconsulting.com or on LinkedIn.

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Special thanks to Chassi for allowing Mike the opportunity to participate in their podcast. 

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